Beautiful Day

by Remi

Released 2014
Tall Hair Music
Released 2014
Tall Hair Music
Former Warner/Reprise recording artist goes Indie and invites you to fill up your car with sunshine and sound!
It was right before sunset, on the very edge of that seam between daylight and nightfall when I stepped outside to check the mail. Being a night owl, I had almost forgotten what that annoying bright light, shining up in the sky was. I stopped for a moment to take in the beauty above me and was captivated by the intensity of the blue sky and found myself smiling from the slight tickle of the breeze on my cheek. I started thinking about how many beautiful days I've missed by simply not stepping outside my own front door. This song has become my audio reminder to get outside and experience each day - even if it's only for a few minutes - seize the day and seize the vitamin "D3"!

I had a lot of fun arranging this song - playing with sound, colors, layering textures, layering rhythms. I love starting with a melody and lyric, writing, rewriting and rewriting again - like polishing a stone, experimenting with different chord structures - always pushing my ear to reach for the unexpected. My favorite part is working with each instrument, hearing and feeling the different colors and the way the sounds interact and play with each other to give a unique voice to the track. I've been into texture lately and the unusual use of sounds - layering till I get a "vibe".

It's quite a process and as an "army of one" artist - writing, arranging, producing, recording, mixing - artwork too - it's so exciting to see the vision unfold. It may take a while but the quality I strive for is definitely personal perfection.

I hope you'll enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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