House Cleaning - Single

by Remi

Released 2012
Tall Hair Music
Released 2012
Tall Hair Music
Former Warner//Reprise recording artist (of Morris Day's "Day-Z's") flashes back to a warm, retro vibe with 12 bit samplers, analogue synths and tape recording - no Pro Tools or Auto Tune here - this is Old School baby!
I've heard it said that a person's external environment mirrors one's internal environment. While the title "House Cleaning" might not seem like something to sing about, I use it as a metaphor for taking a look inside to clear out all the clutter that holds us back in life and in love. -Remi™

Music, dance and art have always been a part of Remi’s life. “For a time I wanted to be a painter,” Remi recalls, “but music won out with dance as a close second. My grandfather was a great inspiration to me - he was a Vaudeville entertainer and my biggest fan!”

A graduate of California Institute of the Arts (Valencia, CA.), Remi studied world music and dance with teachers from West Africa, India and Indonesia. “As a Minneapolis native, born and raised on home grown funk and R&B, Cal Arts offered a rare opportunity to learn from native masters. I felt an immediate connection with my teachers and the way in which each of the cultures they represented embraced music, dance and community as unifying and inseparable elements”.

Remi signed her first publishing deal with Macy Lipman’s publishing company Le Grande Fromage. She went on to land her first road gig with Babyface prodigy Karyn White as keyboard player, vocalist and dancer. Soon after, Remi signed her first recording contract with Warner/Reprise with an all female band produced by Morris Day of "The Time". “This is when it all started happening for me” Remi recalls. “Ironically, I moved from Minneapolis to LA and ended up working with artists and producers that I had always admired from my hometown!” Additional tours followed including Motown recording artist Teena Marie and as keyboard player and duet partner to David Cassidy and Grammy Award winner Christopher Cross. Her studio collaborations have included Giorgio Moroder, Howard Hewett and Rachel Rachel. You may recognize her from appearances on Good Christian Bells, Felicity, Fame LA, Freaky Links, Melrose Place and as the on-camera keyboard player/musical director for the FOX show Comedy Express.

Remi broadened her musical scope by adding DJ/MC to her professional keyboard player/vocalist resume. In looking for ways to expand the DJ experience, her project "Tribe 1" was born which brought together the best of both worlds – live band and DJ tracks. “I found a way to inject a live element into DJ tracks with "Tribe 1" by working with some of the most talented musicians on the planet. We take guitar, percussion and drums to bring a fresh, live vibe to all of the most current and classic DJ mixes. Tribe 1 is often perceived as a band but it knows no limitations when it comes to the play list!”

Remi is a featured artist on the Universal Italia compilation Groove 90, with her first single "In the Heat of the Night" currently being promoted to 3800 radio stations throughout Italy. Additionally, Remi has 2 songs featured on Café de Souls Vol. 1 compilation with airplay in both the UK and Netherlands. You can also hear her song Last Night in the independent film The Ten Rules.


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